Top 5 ChatGPT Alternatives (June 2023)

Jun 12, 2023 #ai, #chatbot, #chatgpt

If the internet draft today, ChatGPT would undoubtedly be the #1 overall pick.

But ChatGPT was programmed to ignore everything after 2021 which can sometimes make it biased and a bit difficult to “control”.

Today we explore the top 5 AI chatbots that are great alternatives to ChatGPT.

Understanding AI Chatbots

Here are some key points to understand about chatbots

  1. What is a chatbot?
    • A chatbot is a artificial intelligence (AI) computer designed to have conversations with people, just like you would chat with a friend or customer service representative.
  2. How do chatbots work?
    • Chatbots use AI to understand and respond to your messages. They are trained to recognize different types of questions and provide relevant answers.
  3. Why are chatbots helpful?
    • Chatbots can save you time and effort by providing instant responses to your thoughts.

Chatbots are here to make your life easier by providing helpful information.

Just type your questions or requests, and they’ll do their best to help you out!

5 Best ChatGPT alternatives

1. Writesonic

write sonic chatgpt

Key Features:

  • Best for 1-2 page articles
  • Combines multiple different AI’s for better performance
  • Effortless personal assistance for your business needs
  • Chrome extension for convenient access
  • Voice command prompts
  • Build a website using chatbot

Pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $19/month


copy ai chat

Key Features

  • Best for Social Media
  • Combines ChatGPT with the internet for enhanced personalization
  • Best for sales and marketing
  • Prebuilt prompts for quick and efficient responses
  • Long-form editor for comprehensive content

Pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $49/month

3. Jasper Chat

jasper ai chat

Key Features:

  • Your personal writing coach
  • Trained on data from 2021
  • Best for long-form content creation 5+ pages
  • Expert guidance for creating captivating content effortlessly
  • Business use cases focus for industry-specific solutions

Pricing: Starts at $49/month for Jasper subscription

(free trial only if adding a payment method)


Key Features :

  • Search Wizard
  • Combines ChatGPT with 2023 data
  • Adds a search algorithms to promts
  • Context-aware chat responses gives relevant information
  • Integrated chatbot for seamless conversational assistance

Pricing: Free search engine

5. Bard by Google

bard ai chat

Key Features of Bard:

  • Text to code
  • Has access to more information than ChatGPT
  • Context-aware for meaningful interactions
  • Can write or fix code
  • State-of-the-art AI models for exceptional performance

Pricing: Free to use


AI chatbots have become indispensable tools.

By carefully considering the key factors and evaluating the unique features of each, you can find the perfect AI chatbot to meet your specific requirements and sky rocket your productivity.

AppKey FeaturesStarting PriceLinkFree Plan Available
WritesonicLong form content, Chrome extension$19/monthWritesonic✔️ Yes
Real-time access to web data,
Prebuilt prompts
✔️ Yes
JasperLong-form editor, still in betaStarts at $49Jasper❌ No
You ChatAdvanced AI-powered search, context-aware chatFreeYou Chat✔️ Yes
BardAdvanced NLP, code writing and fixing capabilitiesFreeBard✔️ Yes