Teaser AI: Dating App that Prevents women from “Ghosting” Men

In the world of online dating, finding a genuine connection can be challenging.

Men are complaining about the phenomenon of ghosting, where women disappear without a trace.

Teaser AI app

A new dating app called Teaser AI is aiming to change that narrative. By incorporating generative AI, Teaser AI creates an AI likeness of potential matches to help users get a feel for their personality before swiping right or left. The concept aims to provide users with an icebreaker for meaningful conversations, rather than attempting to replace human interaction with artificial intelligence.

Breaking the Ice

Teaser AI is the brainchild of the team behind Dispo, a popular photo-sharing app designed to replicate the spontaneity of disposable cameras. Recognizing the frustration of countless men who experienced matches leading nowhere, the creators decided to address the ghosting phenomenon head-on through this innovative dating app.

Unleashing AI Personalities

Upon signing up for Teaser AI, users are warned “Our AI might say some crazy shit.” This warning proves valid, as the AI counterparts often produce unexpected and amusing responses.

For instance, a user named Anna may describe herself as a “dog mom” in her profile, but her AI reveals that she is cap.

Gender Imbalance and Limitations

It’s worth noting that Teaser AI appears to attract more male users than female users, which is a common trend on dating apps. When narrowing down preferences to “women only,” the available pool of potential matches diminishes considerably.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of exploration, men can still engage with the AI counterparts of their preferred gender. While some women’s AIs come off as a bit off-kilter, mimicking real-life dating experiences, some male AI’s delve into their aspirations of writing novels.

Closing the gap

Marketed as an anti-ghosting dating app, Teaser replicates the user’s personality as an AI to actively prevent ghosting. It places a cap of 16 matches, called “picks” prompting women to connect with men rather than accumulating a graveyard of unanswered connections.

Additionally, women will receive a “ghost” rating to indicate their likelihood of ghosting a man after chatting.

Teaser AI subscription fees range from $39.99 a month to lifetime access available for $229.99.

It’s important to consider that the app is still in its early stages, and user behavior may evolve. it remains to be seen how this approach will fare in the dynamic world of online dating.