Google’s AI Chatbot is gearing up to challenge ChatGPT

Jun 9, 2023 #bard, #chat, #chatbot, #chatgpt, #google
bard ai

Google’s AI-powered chatbot, Bard is getting smarter.

The company unveiled today a text-to-build function that allows Bard to write, code, and execute applications.

This means that your Grandmother can now code complicated applications from her iPhone using Bard.

Does she already do this with ChatGPT?

Well… Google is facing a bit of criticism following Bard’s unsuccessful launch, with comparisons drawn to competing chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Concerns were raised by Google employees who described Bard as a “pathological liar” and “worse than useless.”

What does this mean for the future of AI?

The improvement of Bard is a significant milestone nonetheless, Bard can now be used to automate tasks in the financial industry, such as calculating risk and making investment decisions.

It could also be used to develop new medical treatments, design new products, and even write creative content.

The possibilities are seemingly endless, and it’s clear that Bard is just the beginning of what’s possible with AI.