Top 6 Free AI Art Generators (June 2023)

Jun 16, 2023 #ai, #apps, #chatbot, #chatgpt
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You’re working way too hard!

It’s time to skyrocket your productivity with Artificial Intelligence!

Here is a list of the best free AI tools to generate art in 2023.

1. NightCafe

  • Wide range of features: 💡🖼️🎨
  • High-quality images: 💯🌌
  • Easy to use, even for beginners: 👍📱
  • Text-to-image, image-to-image: 👩‍💻 ➡️ 🖼️

2. Dream by WOMBO

  • Seamlessly combine two images.  🖼️🎨🌄
  • Quick results ⚡️🖼️
  • Versatile, fun, and creative 🤩🎨

3. Adobe Firefly

  • Real-time collab with a friend:👥💡
  • No private data is used for training 🔒🤙
  • Various image modification tools 🛠️

4. StarryAI

starry ai blog
  • Specializes in creating abstract masterpieces 🎨🌠
  • Easy to use
  • Free on iOS and Android

5. Microsoft – Microsoft Designer:

  • Best designs, posters, illustrations, and campaign artwork 🧑‍💼📈
  • Text and let the AI tool do the rest ✏️
  • You can also start with your own image 🖌️


  • Remove backgrounds from any photo 😊
  • 9-second results: ⚡️🖼️
  • Customizable output: 🛠️
  • No watermark: 💧

🌟 Explore these incredible AI image tools and unleash your creativity like never before!


AI Image ToolKey FeaturesLink
NightCafeWide range of features, High-quality images, Easy to useNightCafe
Dream by WOMBOSeamlessly combine two images, Quick results, VersatileDream by WOMBO
Adobe FireflyReal-time collaboration, No private data used, Image toolsAdobe Firefly
StarryAISpecializes in abstract art, Easy to use, Free on iOS/AndroidStarryAI
Microsoft DesignerBest for designs and artwork, AI-driven creativityMicrosoft Designer
Remove.bgRemove backgrounds, Fast results, Customizable